Our School

History of IEM

Our school was founded in 1972 with the name Centro de Estudios Españoles de Montreal, known today as Instituto Español de Montreal (IEM).

This centre was created as a school of supplementary education for the children of Spanish speakers in the elementary and secondary school system of Quebec, who are interested in maintaining and developing their cultural and linguistic links with their native language, Spanish. For several years , due to the high demand to learn Spanish, the IEM offers courses as a second language (Spanish Inmersion) to children who want to learn Spanish but do not leave in an Spanish speaking environment.

The IEM is a private school subsidized in part by the Spanish Ministry of Employment and Social Security through the Spanish Embassy in Canada, but 80% of its financing comes from the school itself, the parents’ association and the families whose children attend the school. The IEM has approximately 150 students between the ages of 3 and 17, not counting students in the adult courses.


Academic Profile

The IEM has a team of academically qualified teachers who are motivated to share their knowledge of Spanish language and culture, and who have ample experience in teaching Spanish, both as a native and foreign language.

The teaching materials and textbooks are updated every year. Diplomas and certificates are issued to provide proof of studies at IEM.

Upon completion of their studies at IEM, secondary school students receive 8 credits from Quebec’s Ministry of Education, which are added to their total credits when they complete secondary school in Quebec’s educational system.

The centre also relies on the collaboration of the parents’ association. The directors of IEM work together with the members of AMPA (Association of Mothers and Fathers of Students) in the decision-making process related to school activities and administration.